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Datum Site Engineering Services offer 3D scan-to-Revit and 2D Revit drawing solutions in Dundee tailored for structural engineering and building professionals.

What we do...

In fact we work right across Scotland. Our investment in cutting-edge 3D laser scanning technology ensures swift site measurements and the creation of dependable 3D Revit models from the resulting point cloud.

Our Dundee scan-to-Revit services provide unparalleled advantages for as-built modelling in all structural engineering and construction undertakings. By employing advanced 3D laser scanners, we ensure precise measurements, even capturing intricate structures and hidden features. The resultant as-built models faithfully depict the actual structure.

A key benefit lies in our efficiency. Our BIM/scan-to-Revit and 2D drawing services significantly reduce the time and manpower typically needed for as-built modelling. Laser scanning swiftly captures extensive, reliable data, rendering traditional manual measurements obsolete.

Consistent accuracy is what characterises our scan-to-Revit services in Dundee. Utilising point cloud data from 3D laser scanning, we generate 3D models that faithfully replicate the site's conditions.

Beyond time savings, our scan-to-Revit services across Scotland also offer cost efficiencies. Our streamlined process drastically cuts expenditure on labour, while the precision of our as-built models minimises error margins.

Our 3D models offer a dependable visualisation of your site, facilitating planning and design tasks. With comprehensive solutions for the challenges of as-built modelling, our Dundee scan-to-Revit services ensure accurate and efficient construction and structural engineering projects. For scan-to-Revit and 2D Revit drawings in Scotland, Datum Site Engineering Services stands out as the premier choice.

Datum BIM/scan-to-Revit Services Dundee – your superior solution for BIM/scan-to-Revit services throughout Scotland.

Datum Site Engineering Services can also assist you with the following services: site services, setting out engineering, site engineering surveying, topographic land surveying, 3D laser scanning, utility surveying, measured building surveying and much more.

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