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When it comes to construction projects in and around Ipswich, for scan-to-Revit and 2D Revit drawing services, reach out to Datum Site Engineering Services.

What we do...

Architects, land surveyors, and structural engineers consistently praise us for our prompt delivery of results and high level of service throughout Suffolk. Our reputation for accurate Revit models and dependable 2D Revit drafting stems from our meticulous approach, establishing us as one of the region’s top Revit service providers.

By utilising our BIM/scan-to-Revit and 2D Revit drawing services in Ipswich, builders and structural engineers have reaped tangible benefits in terms of time savings and error reduction. These efficiency improvements lead to better decision-making and timely project completion.

Collaborating with Datum is straightforward. Our dedicated specialist will arrange a visit to your Ipswich site equipped with cutting-edge 3D laser scanning tools. After the scanning process, we meticulously analyse the data to meet your specific requirements, resulting in a precise Revit model. Increasing numbers of architects and structural engineers rely on the accuracy of our Revit models and 2D Revit drawings in Ipswich and across Suffolk.

For scan-to-Revit and 2D Revit drawings, you can trust Datum to deliver. Our reputation for creating highly precise 3D models and detailed 2D drawings using Revit speaks volumes.

If you're interested in Datum Site Engineering Services' BIM/scan to Revit and 2D Revit drawing services in Ipswich, contact us today. No other provider in Suffolk offers a more dependable service.

Datum Scan-to-Revit Services Ipswich – simply superior Scan-to-Revit Services throughout Suffolk.

Datum Site Engineering Services can also assist you with the following services: site services, setting out engineering, site engineering surveying, topographic land surveying, 3D laser scanning, utility surveying, measured building surveying and much more.

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Scan to Revit Services

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Datum offer a full range of site engineering services to cover all aspects of your builds requirements. So whatever your requirements may be please contact us today and lets get your project moving!

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With an excellent, highly skilled team behind us and a proven record in the construction industry we stand by our record and reputation.

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Datum Site Engineering Services team is a small but perfectly formed unit that consistently delivers top results.

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Our track record of working on high end projects for a prestigious client base speaks volumes.

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