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Datum Site Engineering Services has an excellent track record in and around Manchester for executing scan-to-BIM projects within deadline and with unrivalled precision. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built among the region’s architects, land surveyors and structural engineers. We apply point cloud data generated from 3D laser scanning to creating brilliant models for as-built purposes and for renovating established structures. Our know-how and dependability have made us the number one provider of 3D modelling and scan-to-BIM in Manchester.

Datum Site Engineering’s scan-to-BIM service will save you time and help you reduce your margins of error. Your efficiency will increase, and you’ll be in a position to make informed decisions and complete your project more quickly.

Our Manchester scan-to-BIM specialist visits site and 3D laser scanning is performed using state-of-the-art scanning tools. The scan data is then analysed and processed to suit your specific requirements. An accurate model is created from point cloud data, so that you can be sure that you’re basing your BIM project on real-world data, and not relying on hit-and-miss field methodology or unreliable old plans.

Whether your site is in Manchester, Cheshire or beyond, contact us today and benefit from our expertise in scan-to-BIM and 3D modelling. We’re the number one experts in creating accurate point cloud to BIM 3D models, both for renovation work on existing buildings and for as-built purposes.

Datum Scan to BIM Services Manchester – simply better Scan to BIM Services throughout Manchester.

Datum Site Engineering Services can assist you with the following services: site services, setting out engineering, site engineering surveying, topographic land surveying, 3D laser scanning, utility surveying, measuring building surveying and much more.

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Datum offer a full range of site engineering services to cover all aspects of your builds requirements. So whatever your requirements may be please contact us today and lets get your project moving!

Datum Site Engineering Services

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Datum Site Engineering Services

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Datum Site Engineering Services team is a small but perfectly formed unit that consistently delivers top results.

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